In June 2018, the Registrar initiated the CEO Business Model Forum. The Forum provides a constructive, interests based environment for Credit Union CEOs to share their views, and craft strategic coherence in describing the business models of the future and how they might be best realised. The Forum comprises a general plenary assembly of CEOs and a Steering Group (14 CEOs). The latter progresses priority issues by way of Work-Streams. Professor Donal McKillop acts as an independent chair.

From June 2018 to December 2020, members of the Business Model and Engagement (BME) Unit of the Registry provided both secretariat support and where necessary regulatory input/clarification. Secretariat support is now provided by Drogheda Credit Union (until December 2021).

Work-Streams have produced outputs in the following areas:

1. Collaboration
2. Revolving Credit
3. Member Engagement/ Strategic Marketing
4. COVID-19 implications
5. Savings Growth and Savings Caps
6. Service Delivery and Operational Effectiveness
7. Intermediation

Outputs are either ‘problem solving’ (2, 5 and 6) ‘promotion of best practice’ (1 and 3) or ‘position papers’ (7). All are available at Two further pieces of work are in progress, ‘Role and regulation of capital’ and ‘Mergers, the lessons’.

The Steering Group is formulating next steps for the Forum. Your feedback and comments on the implementation and operation of the Forum to date and your thoughts on future development are critical to this process. We therefore ask each CEO to complete the questionnaire provided below. Please be as candid as possible.

1. The survey should take approximately twenty minutes to complete.
2. The final survey question asks that you provide follow up contact details. If you prefer to complete the survey anonymously please feel under no obligation to complete this question.
3. In the analysis of survey results no individual credit union will be identified.
4. We would appreciate the return of the survey by Friday 19 th March 2021.
5. Survey findings will be made available at

Credit Union Survey

Please scroll to work your way down through the survey. Only CEO’s of Credit Union’s based in Ireland are asked to complete this survey.

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