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Professor Donal G. McKillop, Chairperson

The objective of the Credit Union CEO Forum is to help progress and develop the business models of credit unions through the identification of change enablers. The Forum provides a constructive environment for credit union CEOs to share their views and foster strategic coherence, in describing the business models of the future and describing how they may be best realised.

The work programme of the Forum is shaped and led by a Credit Union Steering Group with logistical support and regulatory engagement provided by the Registry of Credit Unions. The Steering Group consists of CEOs from fifteen credit unions which are themselves a representative mix of the size, common bond, and location of credit unions in Ireland.

The Steering Group in turn reports to a CEO Plenary Group which extends and is open to all credit unions in Ireland. The initiative is outcome focused. These may take a variety of forms including, product and service enhancements, cost reduction proposals, marketing and promotion plans, and importantly, collaborative working arrangements. Outcomes will (and have) emerged through CEOs working either independently or in collaborative arrangements with those with an already developed expertise.

The intention of the Forum is not to replicate existing work although there has (and will) be opportunities to build on aspects of this work through partnership arrangements.

Further details about the structure and purpose of the Forum is provided here.

The outputs that emerge from the CEO Forum are available to all credit unions. We encourage active participation in the Forum by all credit unions interested in progressing business model development.