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Service Delivery/Operational Effectiveness

How can IT act as an enabler for Credit Unions?

Service Delivery

  • Allow members to interact with their Credit Union from the palm of their hands irrelevant of time or location


  • Offer the ability to interact instantly on a 24/7 basis in a “virtual queue less environment”

Cost Effectiveness

  • The ability to automate processes, the ability to engage the member as part of the process and ultimately reduce dependency on high cost labour intensive services

How can IT act as an enabler in this scenario?

  • Instant ‘on-demand’ access
  • Access 24/7 with service 365 days
  • Enables members who leave the bond to communicate
  • Creates a ‘virtual queue less system’
  • Fast delivery to member
  • Aid in competition
  • Automated processes
  • Digital means products and services delivered instantly to members on a wider scale
  • Eliminates the ‘non income’ generating ‘labour intensive’ elements
  • Ultimately delivers on members expectations.